Does your child know how to:

  • Make a good first impression?
  • Get invited back?
  • See mistakes as necessary for success?
  • Build trust and know how to respond when others break their trust?
  • Identify and nurture healthy friendships?
  • Cultivate gratitude and write meaningful thank you notes?
  • Navigate difficult situations among peers, parents, teachers?

LIFE LABS can help!

LIFE LABS are fun, interactive and dynamic workshops that teach memorable life lessons children need to be successful in life.  Through the use of games, role play, video and prizes, these engaging workshops model social/communication skills and other “soft skills” that are not taught in school.

Life Labs Blog

Your Kids and Allowances

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Watch this week’s “Monday Minute” on allowances. How does your family give out allowances?    

7 Tips for Successful Studying

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When the lazy days of summer end and it’s time to hit the back-to-school grind, getting in the swing of school again can be tough!  Help your child beat the slump with these 7 tips for successful studying:   It all starts with class participation – ask questions, pay attention,…


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It is often hard for children to understand their peers that have disabilities. They may not understand why that child gets special treatment. They may not understand why that child does not get the same punishments that the rest of the children get. They may not want to include that…

Babysitting Do’s and Don’ts

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Babysitting is one of the most readily available jobs for teenagers, providing them with their first experience in responsibility, a job well done, and the rewards that come from hard work. Here are tips every good babysitter should know: Do’s: Arrive on time (or a little early) – This is…